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Village Tale Tour

Passing through new & old towns along Kwai Chung, Tsuen Wan and Tuen Mun, just through the Tai Lam Tunnel is Sheung Shui and Yong Long area where lies most of the villages. Local villagers are the earliest settlers in Hong Kong who came from the Southern part of China as early as in the 10th Century. Among those, our designated village, the Liu's clan of Sheung Shui Village is one of the few wealthiest clan under a single family name "Liu" with 700 years ago and is branched off from several villagers to more than 5,000 descendants nowadays.

The prosperity of the village, same as other villages; is very much affected by the selection of a good or bad Feng Shui burial site for their founding ancestor. First, we will visit the great grave of Liu's ancestor and examine how Feng Shui affect the destiny of villages. Afterwards, on board the coach to Liu's village. Arrives the village, a rare opportunity with real fun to stop at the Village Office where an explanation on Liu's clan book and family book that indicated the origin and lineages of the clan. Then proceed to the Liu Man Shek Tong - Liu's Ancestral Hall where is the center of the village organization and the place to hold for all traditional ceremonies. Coming to the segment ancestral hall of Ming Tak Tong where display collections of daily necessities and ritual utensils such as old weapons, old fire extinguisher, gongs and bells for ceremonies. One may have a chance to practice these old tools. Besides, you can see how to demonstrate the traditional way of announcing time at mid-night and enjoy a video display of ancestral worship i.e.the Spring rite and Autumn rite. The tour enrich with all these funs and excitement in the village.

On board the coach again and heading towards Tai Po - Lam Tsuen. Lam Tsuen spreads over a large area covering 26 villages of multi-surnames. To understand the village life, one should not miss the visit of Tin Hau Temple, she is the protective goddess for villages. Next to the temple is the colorful wishing tree. This tree is populous for its magic on worshipper's wishing.

Duration : 5 hours
Charter tour is available for group