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Morning Tea and Tai Chi Tour
(This tour is under the program of "People and Places -
Cultural Kaleidoscope"
of Hong Kong Tourism Board.)

Begin your day with an hour of Tai Chi lesson and learn why millions of people around the world now practice this ancient exercise. Originating in China centuries ago, tai chi helps restore balance to the yin and yang, nature's ancient energy forces. This traditional practice remains one of the favorite forms of exercise in Hong Kong, especially among the older generation who gather in the city's parks each morning. Having discovered the benefits of tai chi, taking dim sum daily is a habit you'll want to get into in Hong Kong.

Dim Sum means "light snack". Dim Sum forms part of the Chinese Tradition of drinking tea (Yam Cha in Cantonese). It originates from the need to eat something during Yum Cha. You can enjoy a wide variety of Dim Sum from early morning to mid-afternoon in Cantonese restaurants. Often, the steaming bamboo basket of delectable dishes are paraded past on trolleys, so you can take a look before choosing or order it by filling a card to the waiter.

At ancient time, morning exercise and Dim Sum breakfast cannot go without one's companions-the birds. The charming Chinese-style garden on Yuen Po Street includes some 70 songbird stalls as well as courtyards and moongates where let you see countless birds on sale, numerous beautifully crafted wood and bamboo cages and tiny porcelain drinking bowls are displayed as well.

Tea, has long played a significant role in Chinese history and customs. Its immense popularity led to an entire tea culture that governed the creation and manufacture of precious tea wares as well as the subtle rituals surrounding its consumption. Once your appetite for tea has been whetted, proceed to a Hong Kong Tea House where you will be introduced to the mystery and lore of this beloved beverage. Then watch a demonstration of tea making and tea drinking etiquette, Hong Kong style.

Duration : 4.5 hours
Regular Tour operates on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
(Except 1st, 2nd and 3rd days of the Chinese New Year, Christmas Day and New Year Day.)
Charter Tour is available for group